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HerbSpeak is run by author D.K. Berard and is committed to making botany more accessible in everyday life, from science, to gardening, and everything in-between.
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HerbSpeak’s mission is to

Make botany more accessible in everyday life

HerbSpeak is a blog dedicated to plant life, the environment, the exploration of the Earth’s natural beauty and the science behind it.

Without plants, humankind would not have evolved to such a diverse and rich global culture. It is HerbSpeak’s goal to bring an awareness and education of plants to people in their everyday lives.

From phytochemistry to ethnobotany, to gardening and everything in-between, HerbSpeak is bringing the world back to its roots and putting the spotlight on our natural ecosystem, makingĀ  plant wisdom accessible no matter if you’re living next door to the wild unknown, or always stuck in traffic in the big city.

Destynnie K. Berard (Author D.K. Berard)

I have always been a lover of botany and the natural world. I enjoy studying plant morphology and anatomy in my spare time, and care a great deal about the future of our natural biodiversity.

It is my sincere hope that you learn something from HerbSpeak, empowering you to learn about the plants you come across in everyday life and speak up for the ecosystem we all call home. I’ve formerly published under D.K. Hall.

As a happily married traveler, I have plenty of houseplants to come home to in Massachusetts (US) along with two loving cats. I believe that a good sense of humor is essential to staying happy.

…But everyone knows its easy to craft a nice-sounding biography box – and ultimately how little it says about the person behind the screen.

I’m someone who lives with the sun, unable to sit still until the crickets come out, learning lessons and turning another chapter with each new place explored.

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