About HerbSpeak

HerbSpeak is home to the works of naturalist Destynnie K. Berard.

Curiosity; the insatiable need to uncover the answers to “why” is an incredibly human experience. Committed to growing as a resource suited for every-day learning, HerbSpeak is independently run and authored. It is Destynnie’s goal to make learning about the natural world a fun and rewarding experience for all ages and inclinations, no matter how little or how much you already know.


HerbSpeak’s mission is to

Make Botany More Accessible in Everyday Life

HerbSpeak is a growing hub dedicated to the the science of plant life, the environment, and the exploration of the Earth’s natural beauty.

Plants have co-evolved with animals like us for millions of years. Even in the age of technology, we look for ways to explore and re-connect with nature on an intrinsic level. A thriving ecosystem requires each element of the natural landscape to work in harmony. By nurturing these natural relationships in our land and communities alike, we can shape our future. 

Learning starts by re-discovering your awareness of the ecosystems around you, allowing yourself to be curious. In moments of discovery and knowledge, you may begin to see yourself as a part of nature.

Destynnie K. Berard - (Author D. K. Berard)

I am a lifelong naturalist who believes a good sense of humor is essential to staying happy. After traveling the United States for several years, I settled in New England, falling in love with the diverse landscape the Northeast has to offer.

My focus is on native plants and their ecosystem relationships. These habitat interactions with other branches of life often brings me to other areas of study and research as well.

While I have had an interest in botany for as long as I can remember, traveling made it difficult to truly explore as a profession until I settled in New England. I come from a career background in enterprise marketing and communications, which provides me with a unique perspective of conservation.

…But it’s easy to read a nicely-crafted biography box and still not know who the person behind the screen is.

I’m someone who lives with the sun, unable to sit still until the crickets come out, learning lessons and turning another chapter with each new place explored. I dabble in a range of skills and hobbies, and just want to explore the world we’ve been gifted. Conservation allows me to take part in preserving the earth, reciprocating the life it has given me by protecting what matters.

In 2023, I co-founded a non-profit organization called F.E.R.N. – otherwise known as Flora, Fauna, & Fungi Ecological Resource Network. Learn more about this organization’s mission and vision by visiting fernnetwork.org.

Live in the New England Area?

If you’re in the area, I would love to meet you and learn about your journey! Whether it’s plants or animals, scientific or artful, we all contribute to the greater awareness of nature, and I want to learn about it. Come say hi to me at any of the events I have listed for the year, from talks and workshops to educational nature walks.

Interested in having me speak, host a workshop, or have another type of professional inquiry? Contact me. | CV