About HerbSpeak

HerbSpeak is run by author D.K. Hall and is committed to making botany more accessible in everyday life, from knowledge to culinary and everything in-between.
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HerbSpeak’s mission is to

Make botany more accessible in everyday life

HerbSpeak is a new blog dedicated to plant life, the environment, and exploration of the Earth and environment. 

Without plants, humankind would not have evolved to have such diverse and rich global culture. It is HerbSpeak’s goal to bring awareness to people in their everyday lives the intricacies of the botanical world.

From phytochemistry to ethnobotany and gardening, we are bringing the world back to its roots and putting the spotlight on our natural friends, making¬† plant wisdom accessible no matter if you’re living next door to the wild unknown, or always stuck in traffic in the big city.

Owner and Author

Destynnie K. Hall (Author D. K. Hall)

Destynnie loves nature and has especially enjoyed studying ethnobotany and phytochemistry over the years. By channeling her love for plants into HerbSpeak, she hopes to connect with other nature lovers and inspire communication and action within the community.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, working on DIY projects around her home, or playing with her cats. She travels frequently, giving her an excellent opportunity to experience the plant biodiversity across the world and share that experience with her readers.

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