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Why Plants Develop Variegation

Variegation in plants is highly sought after in the horticultural and houseplant community. These plants, with unusual colors in splotches across the leaves, are considered unique and often find their way into the houseplant community. But what causes variegation, and why do plants develop it in the first place?

Climate Change: A How To Guide for Bond Villains

Let’s pretend the latest James Bond villain had a How To guide to climate change. This villain wants nothing more than to see the world burn – in a figurative, but also very literal sense – so how would he do it?

In this article, HerbSpeak author D.K. Hall addresses the importance of climate action, several recent and significant climate events, why you should care about it, and why it is happening at such a rapid pace.

The Lewd Origin of the Venus Flytrap’s Name

You might be surprised to learn that the Venus Flytrap does not have such an innocent name as many people have been led to believe in recent years. In this article, HerbSpeak dives into the sheepishly dirty and downright lewd origin of the Venus Flytrap’s name.

How to Choose the Best Hummingbird Feeder in 2021

Spring and summer are right around the corner, and for many of us that bring an exciting, migratory flurry of color and energy known as hummingbirds. Choosing the best hummingbird feeder can be the difference between attracting entire families of hummingbirds to your yard and attracting one or two.

In this article, HerbSpeak will review the best hummingbird feeders for 2021 and present you with our top choices for the best budget, quality, and design option available. Additionally, we also cover several tips for attracting hummingbirds, as well as how to select a hummingbird feeder for your needs.

Calathea zebrina in the foreground, and Calathea lancifolia spotted in the background with their own darker leaf-like patterning.

Learn About the Botanical World Around You

The HerbSpeak blog covers topics from how plants work, to how they shape our environment. Plants are always evolving, growing, and shaping the world around us, and these organisms never cease to amaze, dazzle, and frighten.

Learn about different varieties of plants, how to care for them, how basic plant functions work, and how to identify different plant families, even if you’ve never seen that particular plant before.

In the botanical world, learning never stops. There are up to 400,000 species of flowering plants alone, making it one of the most diverse species of life on the planet, and that doesn’t include ferns or mosses.

HerbSpeak’s Origin
and Mission Statement

HerbSpeak was founded by Destynnie K. Hall (author D. K. Hall) and based on a love of the botanical world.

HerbSpeak’s mission is to make plants more accessible in everyday life, no matter where you live. We are all a part of one ecosystem, contributing to the cycle of life in our own way. By understanding the vast botanical world, we can better understand our own choices and actions, and how it affects our ecosystem.

The journey to better understanding plants is a long and sometimes personal one. Let HerbSpeak help guide you and give you a voice in this budding community.

Dracaena warneckii “Lemon Lime”

Popular Release:
How to Grow Ginseng

Enjoy more in-depth information about how to identify, grow, and harvest your own American ginseng crop in HerbSpeak’s new book: How to Grow Ginseng.

In this book, you’ll learn everything you need to know about growing ginseng – specifically American ginseng, Panax quinquefolius – and how to care for this wonderful plant from seed to harvest.

Beyond that, you’ll learn why such a small root has earned such an honorable reputation, and what you can do to help keep this plant in our lives no matter what your motivation for growing ginseng is.

Your journey into the world of ginseng starts here.

By D. K. Hall

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