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Plants of the Amazon

The amazon rainforest fires have pierced all of our hearts, and we anxiously wonder what the future holds.

In this series, we discuss some of the key plants that are native to the Amazon rainforest, celebrating their diversity and learning how they affect society, both locally and globally. 


HerbSpeak Your Way

The podcast is transcribed into a readable format, allowing you to read or listen to each episode as it comes out.

If you’ve listened to the podcast and want further reading, we provide our reference material in each article as well.


The Anatomy of a Seed

Underneath the soil, a sprawling, complex world lies at our feet, growing something that will provide shelter and food for generations of animals and insects. All of it begins with a single seed. 

In this series, we discuss what happens in a seed’s development and how this cycle continues for the next generation. 


Learn. Share. Act.

HerbSpeak is a podcast dedicated to teaching listeners about the importance of the phyto-friends we share our home with. 

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