Apartment Gardening Survival Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Urban Gardening, Edible House Plants, and Growing Food that will Brighten Your Home.

Written by D. K. Berard – Host of HerbSpeak

The Beginner’s Survival Guide to Urban Gardening in Small Spaces

So, you want to grow a garden, but you’ve never dug your hands into soil – and what if you don’t have any outdoor space that you can use?

It’s a common theme for many urban and suburban homes to have concrete backyards; and maybe you’ve considered container gardening, but even then, it felt like you could barely keep a plastic plant alive, let alone help a garden thrive.

You can liven up your home, enjoy a nice conversation piece, and enjoy the fruits of your labor – literally – all you need is the answer to one question:

Where Do I Get Started?

It’s simple. This book. 

In these pages, you’ll learn:

  • Tools you’ll need to get started

  • The top herbs, vegetables (yes, vegetables!) and fruit trees commonly chosen by apartment gardeners and urban farmers

  • Some basic tips and considerations on how to choose the right plants for success

  • A look into each plant and their care requirements and level of ease.

When youre done, you’ll be ready to plant your herbs, vegetables, and whatever else you choose for your home. 

No fluff, no confusion – just a survival guide for the average home gardener.

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