24 of the Best Gifts for Gardeners Who Have Everything (Indoor and Outdoor)

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In the holiday season, everyone loves getting gifts that they will really use.

We all know those gifts that seem like spur of the moment items from people who don’t know how to buy quality presents for your hobby. When you receive a gift like that, you know the intentions are there, but the gift didn’t quite hit the mark. Next thing you know, you’re boxing it up in the donation bin next spring cleaning session.

Nobody wants to give a gift that goes unused, but it can be difficult to buy for gardeners sometimes because it seems like many of them already have everything they could want!

That’s why, in this guide, you’ll find a gift for gardeners who have everything. With each great gift idea, you can actually provide your favorite gardener with gardening accessories they enjoy using.

In this shopping guide, HerbSpeak steps in to spread a little more cheer by helping you choose the perfect presents for the lucky recipient. No knowledge of gardening required!


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Choosing the Best Gifts for the Lucky Gardener in Your Life

An important step to consider in your gift buying journey is whether they are an indoor gardener or an outdoor gardener. Even if this gardener has the option, they might prefer one over the other if given the choice.

Outdoor gardeners are typically able to receive larger items and would find more use from gardening tools, gloves, and any other classic gardening gift that you might think of off the top of your head.

Unfortunately, because a lot of the standard fare is necessary to gardening, they probably have generic tools, aprons, and other goodies unless they are brand new or want to start gardening. That means it’s time to think outside the box!

If you can’t think of anything they have outright stated they don’t have and need, you don’t have to worry – you’ll find the perfect gift in the list below.

Indoor gardening is a whole other box of gifts for gardeners. Whether they are houseplant hobbyists or urban farmers, cannot always (or don’t need to) utilize the same heavy-duty, bulky tools that others can.

Indoor gardening gifts take a little bit more creative thinking – but we did a lot of work for you, so you can sit back and relax this year.

Scroll down to discover 24 of the absolute best gifts for gardeners, whether they an indoor out outdoor gardener!

Outdoor OR Indoor Gardening Gift Ideas for Gardeners Who Have Everything:

Sometimes, you might think that the lucky gardener in your life really does have everything they could ever want. If you don’t want to risk choosing something that they wouldn’t use, there are a few gardening gift ideas that will go over well no matter what – whether they are an indoor or outdoor gardener! These make growing, watering, and gardening a breeze for the recipient, and great gift ideas easy for you.

1) Seed Kits from True Leaf Market

One thing that a gardener can never have too many of: seeds.

These seed assortments make delightful stocking stuffers or full gifts all by themselves.

Reasonably priced, with most seed assortments costing under $20, you can’t go wrong with this one. True Leaf Market is a leader in high-quality, non-GMO garden or microgreen seeds with fast delivery and thousands of happy customers.

They are also one of the leading companies for microgreens growers, supplying urban farmers across the world with bulk seeds with a high germination rate and excellent taste.

2) Gift Cards to Reliable Seed Companies or Garden Nurseries

True Leaf Market is a place both indoor and outdoor gardeners can easily become lost looking through all the great seed varieties. They even carry some gardening supplies. You can purchase gift cards in the amount of $10, $25, $50, and $100.

With free shipping on orders over $45, a gift card from this non-GMO seed company can be the highlight of your lucky recipient’s day.

Pssst – these cards go through email, so they do not require time to ship through the mail, so they make a great last-minute gift for gardeners, too!

Botanical Interests has been a reliable supplier of high-quality seeds for 25 years. They offer everything you would expect to find in a seed catalog, from vegetable seeds, to flowers, herbs, and some gardening products and supplies.

A gift card is a great option if you are stuck between a couple of items on the site or plain aren’t sure what they need most. Botanical Interests offers gift certificates in the amounts of $10, $25, and $50.

They make email gifting a breeze, too, with an in-line form right on the product page to enter the recipient’s email address to deliver the certificate to.

Phew! Last minute shopping taken care of.

Eden Brothers offers a variety of seeds for gardening needs indoors and out, from wildflower seed mixes to flower bulbs and herb seeds. Gardeners will find a lack of garden supplies here, but a greater variety of seed species and free gardening resources.

While they support email certificates, they can also mail a physical certificate to the recipient for the extra touch of giving your lucky gardener something tangible.

Personalization options are available as well, allowing you to add your recipient’s name, who it is from, and a 100-character message.

Gift certificates can be purchased in a custom amount from $10 to $2,500, giving you more flexibility on what you spend this holiday season. Free shipping is applied to all orders of $79 and over.

3) For Gardeners Who Are Easily Distracted

It’s no secret that most gardeners, no matter if they work with plants indoors or out, are obsessed with checking out the plant aisle anytime you bring them out to the store with you.

This keyring is something fun that your gardening-obsessed friend can wear around like a badge of pride – and as a warning to anyone who wants to bring them shopping.

Top Picks for Indoor Gardeners

Buying for gardeners who wet their plants indoors can present a tough set of circumstances.

The most challenging obstacle for most gift-buyers is that indoor gardeners do not often have a lot of space they can dedicate to tools, nor do they need bulky, heavy-duty equipment.

Don’t fret!

There are still plenty of things you can give indoor gardeners, ranging from fancy and all-inclusive, to cute stocking stuffers. Either way, they are sure to rave about you and your gift-giving prowess for years to come.

4) 1020 Microgreen Trays (Shallow Extra Strength) from Bootstrap Farmer

Bootstrap Farmer has some of the most durable trays on the market. They are a popular resource for microgreens growers, who most often do their growing indoors.

If they garden indoors, they’ll love microgreens, even if they haven’t heard of it before. For a starter pack that will have them obsessed, we recommend grabbing the following supplies:

  • Bootstrap Farmer Microgreens Tray, with holes (2 pack)
  • Bootstrap Farmer Microgreens Tray, without holes (2 pack)
  • A True Leaf Market gift certificate

Depending on the gift certificate amount, you could end up with a whole set of durable items that will have them speechless with excitement, all for under $50.

Bootstrap Farmer stands by their time-tested quality, offering a 2-year warranty on all trays. These trays will last the lucky recipient a lifetime. We have personally tested these trays and have been able to place 20 lb weights on the trays without any loss in stability when picking them up. Talk about impressive!

5) Mushroom Grow Kit: A Great Addition to a Countertop Garden

This little box is all the room it takes to grow mushrooms right on your countertop.

These grow kits are made in the USA and guaranteed to grow, making them a great gift for any indoor gardener or countertop myco-head.

The mushrooms these kits grow are 100% organic and non-GMO, able to be harvested right on the counter and cooked into your favorite meals.

6) Macrame Plant Hanger for Indoor or Outdoor Garden

For the houseplant hobbyists out there, there are few things more exciting than finding a new place to put a plant. The only thing more exciting might be getting a new plant.

These macrame hangers are beautiful excuses to buy new plants and fill your home with greenery and joy. Inexpensive and easy to hang, this hanger set comes in Ivory or Grey, with two hangers each.

They can be hung indoors in your living room or over the bed, or outdoors on a patio or awning, wherever the sunlight is best.

7) Digital Humidity Gauge and Monitor with Display

This indoor humidity gauge is great for houseplant hobbyists and urban farmers alike on their quest for humidity control in their garden.

Called a hygrometer, this device will always monitor the current humidity and temperature in a garden with high accuracy. Featuring a sensitive touch-backlight button as well as maximum and minimum records. Mount it to the wall, tabletop, or metal surfaces with a magnetized backing.

This device is powered by two AAA batteries (included in the purchase) and measures 3×2”, making it useful but small and easy to store when not needed, perfect for the gardener who has everything.

8) Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Planter

Not only does looking at plants make you happier, but looking at plants that you grew, that were given to you by someone special makes all the difference in a daily life.

Want the lucky recipient to feel appreciated this holiday season? Give them the perfect garden gift you know they will love: an indoor herb garden kit with the whole works.

This set includes bio-degradable growing pots, soil discs, wooden plant markers, plant trimming scissors, herb seed tubes, extra seeds, instruction cards, and a bamboo planter to transfer the plants to once they have grown big enough.

Best of all, the window planter does not go bad after the plants have been harvested. Grab a gift certificate from their favorite seed supplier and keep the gift giving for months into the new year. You can find our suggestions for suppliers who have gift certificates under Gift Idea #2.

9) Apartment Gardening Survival Guide (Ebook)

Looking for something a little extra this year? This Apartment Gardening Survival Guide will get any beginner or brown-thumb gardener the help they need in keeping their plants alive.

Whoever receives this no-confusion guide will learn all about:

  • The tools needed to get started
  • The top herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees commonly chosen by apartment gardeners
  • A peek into some basic plants and their care requirements
  • some basic tips and considerations on how to choose the right plants for success.

This ebook is a sweet-and-simple, no-fuss guide to getting started gardening at home. Give the gift of confidence, for just $0.99 – free for Kindle Unlimited users.

10) See-Through Window Planter

Most plant lovers are, by heart and sometimes necessity, curious and excited to watch the lifecycle of a plant. There is no age limit to the excitement that grows when you watch roots form over weeks and leaves start to develop, one a time, in response to the loving care you give your plants.

With this see-through planter, you can watch as roots develop and spread through the soil in real time. It comes with some growing medium and seeds of its own, but can just as easily be customized with new seeds and soil.

The planter comes with an easy drip tray to catch excess water that falls through and fits to the window with strong adhesive suction cups. Using a tiny amount of cooking oil around the lip of the suction cup let it grip stronger.

11) A True Companion – Real Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees have always been honored as a tree that tests the gardener’s patience and attention to detail, requiring careful pruning and masterful will. Fortunately, the art of bonsai is much more readily available today than it was even a hundred years ago.

Bonsai Boy of New York supplies top-quality bonsai trees at inexpensive prices, making them an excellent gift for those who seem to have everything.

There is a wide variety available – some trees come in novelty pots, others are meant for beginner bonsai keepers, and some are strictly for the true bonsai master.

There are a lot of trees available on Bonsai Boy, but we recommend just trying to find one that makes you think of your lucky recipient.

12) Perfect for the Lazy (or Busy) Gardener – 3 Pack Glass Watering Globes

Any indoor gardener knows that watering can be difficult, especially the more plants you have. These beautiful, hand-blown glass watering globes make a perfect gardening gift because of their small size, functionality, and decorative addition to the home.

Simply fill the reservoir with water and place the stem into the soil. The globe will release water once the soil dries out, keeping your plants hydrated.

The 3-pack comes with three different colored globes with different sized openings for small, medium, and large plant pots.  

13) “I Love Plants So Much I Soil Myself” Novelty Mug

Come on, we all know it’s true: they’ve got a plant problem, and you’ve got an enabling problem.

This 11-ounce, dishwasher and microwave-safe mug will let them show the world just how excited they are about wetting their plants.

While the joke can make it worth the purchase just to watch the look on their face when they first open it, the fact is, a mug is something that everyone uses. Morning coffee just got a lot plantier.

They might even show up to a couple of work meetings with it. Think about that.

Top Picks for Outdoor Gardeners

Outdoor gardeners can be difficult to find presents for. There are so many possibilities that it seems like you must know their gardening setup intimately to shop for them.

Fortunately, that is not true. Most people are thrilled to get goodies so long as it’s useful and good quality.

Think About Garden Needs: UV Protection, Gardening Aids and More

Unless your recipient is just starting out in gardening, they probably have the basic array of gardening tools. You don’t have to get down and dirty to help them get down and dirty.

Nothing says “I wish you would stay in the dirt” like these gardening gifts do, warming the roots of their heart; and they’ll have roots in their heart and on their brains by the time they’ve finished opening the boxes.

14) “How to Grow Ginseng: A Guide to Identifying, Growing, and Harvesting American Ginseng” Book

This book is a great evening read for the gardener in your life.

Available in ebook or paperback format with a glossy cover and descriptive, large images and font size. This book covers the elusive American Ginseng plant, native to the Appalachian mountains.

It sounds like fiction, but it’s reality: the wild ginseng population has been hunted to near-extinction, with old, wild roots becoming more valuable than gold. States have regulated the harvesting of this wild plant in many areas, and the native population continues to dwindle.

Plant lovers and naturalists are the first line of defense for this dying species.

In this book, they will learn how they can start cultivating a domesticated crop of ginseng, about many of the challenges this plant faces, and the why the root has earned such an honorable reputation across the world.

The journey into the world of ginseng starts here.

15) Cultivator Claw – Ergonomic Tools

Have you ever wanted to harness the real, raw power of a bear? Well, you can’t do that, but you can give yourself attachable claws.

This Bear Paw brand Cultivator Claw lets any gardener dig up unwanted plants and loosen the soil for their favorite crops in no time.

This is one of those things that most people wouldn’t spend their own money on, thinking it’s an unnecessary tool when they have a garden rake, but they will be tempted to throw their garden rake into the pond once they try it out.

The ergonomic power of this cultivator claw will save your gardening friend’s hands after a long day of being down in the soil. Plus, if you get two, you can go turbo-dachshund on those weeds.

16) Start a Green Wall: Eco-Friendly Vertical Garden Planter

In the end, all plants want to do is take over the world. Gardeners harness that power and control it, crafting it into pretty shapes.

Well, something like that, anyway.

With this Vertical Garden Wall Planter, you can hang it anywhere indoors or out and grow your favorite herbaceous plants.

The planter features 6 large pockets material is made from a thick, eco-friendly felt material which is durable and pleasing to the eye.

It is specially designed to prevent the surface behind it from getting stains from the soil, and the thick felt fabric helps retain water and maintain good aeration, giving you the best of both worlds.

17) Specialty Wildflower Mixes for Year-Round Pollinator Support

These wildflower mixes make a great gift on their own or with another gift.

Eden Brothers has many different varieties which are suitable to all sorts of climates and purposes, from bird and butterfly mixes, to shorty low-grow wildflower seed mixes, and north American native wildflower seed mixes.

Grab a couple of varieties and you can give the gift of color and joy all year ‘round for under $100. Eden Brothers also offers free shipping on orders of $79 or more.

18) Decorative Multicolor Flower Lights

Sometimes, a garden or patio feels incomplete without some lights to guide the path at night. These solar-powered garden lilies are the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. The multi-colored lights change color, and they are waterproof for any type of climate.

The Tvird brand stands by their product, creating these lights with an upgraded solar panel and bigger flower petals, making them bigger, brighter, and more reliable than other solar flower products on the market today.

19) The Ultimate Present: Trees, Bulbs, Bushes, and More

Nature Hills is America’s largest online plant nursery. They supply all sorts of nursery plants from hydrangea bushes, to privacy and shade trees, to ginkgo trees and accent trees.

If you’re more of a flower person, they also have bulbs, peonies, and irises.

A lot of plants are currently on sale, making now a great time to buy some gifts for them, and some gifts for yourself.

As a special thanks from HerbSpeak for reading through this gift guide, you receive a $5 OFF coupon for orders over $50. You can take advantage of this deal with coupon code NATURE5.

20) Become a Mighty Tiger with These Clawed Garden Gloves

You can unleash your inner tiger with these clawed garden gloves. With 2 pairs of claw gloves and 2 pairs of regular gloves included in this pack for just over $10, you can gift them out to all your gardening friends and have tiger-claw parties.

These gloves have breathable, puncture-resistant fabric allowing the user to dig with ease, replacing many common gardening tools with just one pair of easy, medium-sized gloves. 

21) Take the Guesswork Out: Complete Professional Soil Testing Kit

The health of a gardener’s soil can contribute to whether they think they have a green thumb or a brown thumb.

Sometimes, soil can get too acidic, or too alkaline, or have too much of one mineral and not enough of another. These differences are not something we can see, so we rely on soil testing kits to help tell us what’s wrong with our soil and what we need to fix.

With this complete soil test kit, you can give the gift of peace of mind – or new confidence in handling plants, because maybe they don’t have a brown thumb after all.

This test kit includes everything the lucky recipient needs to perform a professional soil test, including pre-paid return postage to send the samples and dedicated customer support. Forget faulty test strips – give professional results.

It is important to note that results are posted online in about a week after sending the soil sample off to the lab, so it’s important to follow all the guidelines correctly, including registering your soil test kit on their website with the number provided on the box to find your results.

22) We Know You’re Secretly a Kangaroo: 5-Pocket Toolbelt for Gardeners

Your secret is out. We know the truth. You’re secretly a kangaroo.

This simple 5-pocket pouch is a must-have for the busy gardener, handyman, or anyone who is outdoors without enough hands. Whether you are storing small personalized garden tools, seed packets, eggs, or other small items around the yard, this pouch from Dickies makes the experience hands-free and easy, and is the perfect gardening gift.

The pouch measures 10.25×10.25×2 and comes in a variety of colors, available in tan and grey, white, or black.   

23) Put Plants in Your Plants with These Bamboo Plant Labels

Have you ever wanted to label your plants with more plants? These bamboo plant labels will make those dreams come true.

These eco-friendly bamboo plant labels come in a pack of 60 markers and are easy to insert into the soil with discreet labels. This pack even comes with a pen that will easily write on the bamboo surface. These durable labels can be used both outdoors and in, withstanding all types of weather, making it the perfect present garden sign.

24) Seed Collections from Botanical Interests

Seed collections are the perfect gardening gift, whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or the perfect gift that will keep giving long past the holidays.  

Collections range from the Moon Garden collection, full of night-blooming flowers, to the Cat Lovers, Sprout Sampler and Container Vegetable collection.

25) BONUS! UV Protection Sleeves

Listen, UV damage is a very real concern for gardeners, and these sleeves are designed to help keep the sun’s harmful rays off bare skin while planting, watering, growing crops, or other activities like hiking and walking.

Beyond that, these sleeves also help protect against ticks (YIKES!) and other bugs that might want to bite them while they are pruning away at the little critters’ temporary homes. These canvas arm protectors are the perfect gift for any gardening or outdoor activity.

It’s perfect for the gardener who has everything.

Best of all, these UV sleeves are just now on an uptrend of popularity, so you can be one of the first people to get them something that doesn’t just protect them – but it’s also up-and-coming technology designed specifically for their hobby.


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